All About The New Instagram Filters

If you spend as much time as I do on Instagram (every day…oops?) then you’ve most likely noticed that five new filters were released two days ago. These are a lot more subtle than the other filters offered. I decided to try them all out and let you know what I thought!

All About the Instagram Filters

To test these out I used one of my favorite photos I took on my summer vacation to Monterey, California. This is McWay Falls off the Big Sur coastline–one of the best parts of the trip, fyi. I tried to use a photo with both warm and cool tones for my original photo, which I edited in Photoshop CS6 with A Beautiful Mess’s actions. I use the Fresh Collection all the time.

Slumber: This filter gave my photo a warm wash. I’d use this for more rustic photos or photos that you want less contrast and more brightness on.

Crema: This filter darkened my shadows more and added more contrast. It also gave my photo a little bit of a warmer tone, but not as much as Slumber.

Ludwig: In my opinion, this filter took the cool turquoise tone of the sea completely out of the photo and gave it less color. It made the sand look a lot less gray and more yellow-toned.

Perpetua: This filter is more for cool tones. I like this one the best because even though the cool tones were enhanced, the warm tones were too. This makes for a well-balanced photo.

Aden: This is a cooler-toned filter as well with more green in it than blue. Not my favorite, but still better than any of the other old filters 😉

What’s your favorite filter?

(Edit: after looking at Instagram today I realized that the Jamae filter was changed to the name Aden. This post has been fixed accordingly.)

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