Pottery Barn Teen Study Supplies

I’m a big fan of PB Teen in general, but I’m especially a fan of their study supplies. This post is a follow-up to my post on dorm items from PB Teen–you should read that after this!

Printed Desk Accessories

This desk accessory set in pool blue with white trim would be great for keeping my desk organized. Since I already have a busy bedspread, keeping things neutral on my desk is the way to go. The scalloped wire set would also add the perfect feminine touch.

Flip-Out Lap Desk

 After seeing this flip-out lap desk on Kate’s blog, I thought it was a great idea. I use lap desks when working at home and the ability to make it flip out is perfect. My posture is often slacking when I’m writing in bed and I slump like nobody’s business, but this would force me to sit up like I should!

Dry-Erase Calendar Decal

Getting organized in college is a must, so this dry-erase calendar decal would be perfect for staying on top of things. I love the amount of space to write whatever you want. If I had more space in the dorm, I’d opt towards the Peyton set in pool blue that comes with a dry-erase calendar, two pinboards, a caddy, and an open cube. When I was younger, I used to go on the PB Teen website and design my own systems. Any of these organization systems are perfect too for someone with a big amount of space!

penn task lamp

College will call for some late nights…of studying, of course. This Penn task lamp in pool, navy, or white would be so helpful for keeping me on track and awake.

Thanks for reading! If you love Pottery Barn Teen as much as I do, tell me in the comments your favorite product! Don’t forget to read the first part of my post here.

navy monogram

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  1. PB Teen’s catalogs and photos make me so excited to decorate my dorm room. I love the dry-erase calendar! 🙂

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