Fitbit Healthy Habits: Week One Recap

If you haven’t read last week’s post yet here, read on!

Four weeks, a healthy habit every day. Take on the challenge with me.


 Meditate for ten minutes: this one was tricky. I’m always struggling with the whole ‘let go and relax’ concept, because I’m naturally used to always thinking. I think I lasted eight out of these ten minutes but it was definitely peaceful with the right music on! I put on Spotify’s Piano Moods playlist and the first song that came up was “The Twins (Prague)” by Max Richter. I used what’s called the ‘tensing method’ to meditate, starting by tensing the muscles in my toes and working muscle by muscle all the way up to my head. Not sure if this helped me fall asleep faster though, like it was supposed to.

Add an extra vegetable to your plate: I failed this one. It did motivate me to put lettuce on my ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, but I’m not really sure that counts.

Wake up earlier and get a head start to your day: I woke up earlier..but I fell back asleep. Failed this one too.

   Add 1,000 extra steps to your daily goal: I’ve recently lowered my step count to 8,000 with the intent of working back up to 10,000. fitbitI had written in my journal at about 3pm that I was going to fail this goal, but my competitive side came out. I walked to the golf course where I work in a vain attempt to at least get to 8,000, but that only pushed my step count up to 4,000. At 9:30 I turned on Netflix before going to bed, then realized I could be walking while watching it on my phone. I paced back and forth in my bedroom watching Netflix and reading articles appropriately titled, “I’m Addicted To My Fitbit.” Eventually I reached 9,000 steps. (Proof on the right.)

Go for a fifteen minute walk outside: I arrived at my church camp on Saturday, so this one was easy to accomplish. I walked up to Inspiration Point with my friends, a gorgeous place to worship at camp. It’s far enough away from the city that you can see all the stars and I took my camera and my tripod in an attempt to take pictures of the stars–this was the night that the Bethlehem star was supposed to be shining! While I didn’t see the Bethlehem star, I got this picture instead by opening my 50mm lens all the way up to f/1.8 and manually focusing to infinity. copyright 2015 Hannah With A Camera

Getting this photo was a total fluke. I just used a long shutter speed of 30 seconds and kept the camera steady on my tripod so no shake would happen. Once we got back to the cabin, I was looking through my photos and found this shooting star! This photo with the trees in it was way more interesting than the ones of just the sky. I definitely want to try more of these!

Stock up on healthy snacks: This was an essential before leaving for camp, a place where everyone usually ingests junk food and candy like it’s air. My friend Madie and I (remember her?) went to Target to buy snacks for our room and our small groups before, and I found these: Simply Balanced Dried Mango. These are SO GOOD and filling! This brand is great because normally I can’t have dried pre-packaged snacks due to my allergy to peanuts and tree nuts, but these worked perfectly.

Go to bed fifteen minutes earlier: Long story short, I spent most of this day in the hospital due to an unfortunate run-in with my allergy. So while I slept in my own bed that night and did go to bed earlier, it wasn’t because of this challenge. I’ll have a post up later on how serious this is, because some kids just don’t get it (and while I don’t expect anyone without an allergy to understand, there’s no harm in education).

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hospital visits are no fun! I’m sorry you had to endure that, I spent half of my HS years in the hospital, so I know just how awful it can be! I am only semi-addicted to my FitBit, but seriously, the little dots just entice me to keep on moving!
    Hopefully your allergy is kept away in the upcoming weeks are you are able to remain OUT of hospitals!

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