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Somehow I found Lauren’s instagram, A Day In The Kitchen, through someone else and I was immediately drawn in by her gorgeous photos. Then I did a little more research and found that she posted her own recipes..and that’s she’s only in middle school. How’s that for impressive?

A Day In The Kitchen-Inside The Insta

How did you get started with baking?

My mom (who passed away a year ago from cancer) is the one who made me start to enjoy food and love trying out new stuff and being in the kitchen, but I actually started wanting to have a bakery and have a blog/food account when I saw the show DC Cupcakes a few years ago!

Berry Lemonade Ice Pops
What’s your favorite part of baking/cooking? 

I love being able to be in the kitchen and try out new recipes and try new foods! Making cupcakes are high on the top of my list for favorite things to make! 🙂

Can you share your favorite recipe?

These were a big hit and one of my favorite desserts!

Mini GF Black Bean Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

Do you take your own photos? If you do, how’d you learn photography?

Actually, my sister is a photographer and has taken some of the photos. She’s also taught me a little about how to take pictures so I have also taken some that are on my account!

Have you ever considered starting a blog?
I have! My sister has a blog and I have really wanted to start one! We have thought to do one in the future once I have a few more people following my account! I would love to start one! 🙂
Mini Poppyseed Donuts With Blueberry Glaze
Lauren currently has 675 followers on her still-growing account, and I’d say that’s definitely enough to start her own blog by now. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the future!
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