Thursday Threes

I’ve been way absent from posting on here lately, partly because college life has been so full of activities and partly because I haven’t been putting it as a main priority. However,¬†I love writing and want to put this blog back in the forefront of my life!

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram you can see all that I’ve been up to lately. In August, I went through recruitment at the University of Kansas and I’m now an Alpha Delta Pi and loving it! The best part about being an ADPi is being able to feel comfortable with all my sisters and at my house.

One: Back in September, I went to Late Night with my sisters from ADPi. Late Night at KU is a pep rally for basketball season and this video showcases how big of a deal basketball is at my school. The picture below is me and my roommate Jordan (and best friend since fourth grade), who’s also in ADPi.

Tuesday ThreesTuesday Threes

Two: The Ellen Show came to campus! As a long time fan of Ellen this was so cool to be on her show. The Royals (KC’s baseball team!) made it to the World Series for the second year in a row and our fans are incredible, so Ellen chose to send Jeannie and her team to KU for a competition to win tickets to the World Series Game One. You can watch the video here, and if you look each time the camera swings over the crowd you can see my sign. My friends and I had a running joke after this that it’ll be easier for us to get on the Ellen show than to ever go see the Ellen show. You can see me in the picture if you look to the left of the kid in the crown.

Tuesday Threes

Tuesday Threes
from left to right: Jordan, my roommate, Jeannie from Ellen, me, and Jayden, who’s also in ADPi

Three: Halloween meant the end of a very long homecoming at KU. Homecoming is full of different events to celebrate KU’s tradition and my sorority paired with another fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega, to create a float, a banner, a mural, and participate in several different¬†other competitions. We ended up getting second place and it was worth it. I dressed as Taylor Swift (an easy go-to costume for me) and went out with a few of my friends.

Tuesday Threes

Tuesday Threes
from left to right: Dayton, a K crew girl/Royals girl, Natalie, a hippie, Jordan, a Sporting KC player, and me, Taylor Swift

Thanks for reading!

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