One down, seven to go

I’m sure I’m not the first to say it… But college is much harder than I expected.

As I finish my first semester of freshman year, I have a lot to think about. Like the fact that I came to KU with expectations of a 4.0 GPA (if only I knew), or the fact that I came to college with a set idea of what college would be like, straight from the movies. That scene didn’t happen.


But what did happen is probably the best fall I’ve had yet, and I think it can only get better. In just my first semester at the University of Kansas, I’ve:

  • joined a sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, and gained some irreplaceable friends
  • gone to numerous football and basketball games
  • been on the Ellen show¬†
  • started photographing for the Kansan, the school paper
  • volunteered at the Lawrence Humane Society
  • coached a kindergarten soccer team
  • been elected technology chair for ADPi
  • found a bible study for me
  • founded a Spoon University chapter

This first semester has already taught me so much and I can’t wait for more. I think this quote sums up what I’ve learned from college so far:


“Other people’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”
-Les Brown

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