Parabo Press is a Photographer’s Dream

I’ve been a photographer since I was about seven. Back then, my camera was a disposable Kodak and CVS was my printer of choice. I have scrapbooks filled with pictures from summer camp, holidays, etc.

I’ve always been the kind of person that likes to print my photos. Now that we live in a digital age, I realize the importance of printing photos and not just keeping them on my phone or my computer!

Parabo Press is my favorite printer I’ve found so far for high-quality prints. They were generous enough to let me test out some of their products. If you read to the bottom, you can find a coupon code for free prints!

Even though these came all the way from Mumbai, the shipping wasn’t expensive and they were packaged really well so that nothing was bent. Plus, the boxes are super cute!

Parabo Press | Hannah With a Camera

I got the classic square prints, their most popular product. I upgraded to the 5.5″ size and absolutely love them–the color definitely matches what’s on my screen and the matte finish is gorgeous. The paper is thick too, so it doesn’t bend or tear easily.


I used the Pon Pins to secure these to my closet door in my room. These pins are genius- they don’t poke a hole through your photos; instead, they have a round circle clip you just slide the photos into.


I also got their magnetic photo rope (another genius idea)! This comes with super-strong magnets and a rope to stick your photos to without ruining the photograph itself. It’s really long (58″) and I have it displayed by my bed for now, but I’m trying to figure out how to hang it on my wall.



You’ve probably noticed a theme of my dogs here…which is why I couldn’t resist trying out a more unique item, their Risograph prints. These are 11″ x 16″ and come in neon pink, blue, teal, or neon orange.


These prints are such a fun way to show off your photos. Hint: make sure your photo has higher contrast than normal when you print them. It makes a huge difference!


I absolutely love Parabo Press and all their printing options! They gave me a coupon code for my readers: HANSQ. If you’re a first-time customer, this gives you a free set of 25 Square Prints (the first ones pictured) and all you have to do is pay shipping. You can do it online or through the app they have!

Let me know if you try them out-I’d love to see what you print!

xo, Hannah

Thank you to Parabo Press for sponsoring this post.

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  1. I have a bad habit of just letting my pictures sit in my computer without printing them, but I really do want to showcase those pictures to add a personal touch to the room so this post came just on time!

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