Steal Her Style: Silk Scarf

After ‘redesigning’ the aesthetic of my Pinterest (I’m not ashamed, go check it out), I’ve become a lot more aware of my personal style. It’s classic, it’s preppy, and a little bit trendy too. When I found this photo (source unknown), I instantly fell in love. I’ve been wanting to try the silk scarf trend for a while now, but I haven’t found the perfect way to wear one. Looks like my inspiration is just below.

Steal Her Style

tee // scarf // miniskirt // tights

If you’re looking for more silk scarves, I’ve gathered up my favorites below:


Givenchy Vintage Linen ($20)


Geometric 1960s Scarf

preppy .jpg

Preppy Square Scarf 


1960s Echo Silk Scarf


Nautical Vintage Scarf

What’s your favorite version of the silk scarf trend?

xo, Hannah

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