My Favorite Young Youtubers

I’ve been on a huge Youtube kick lately, both with making my own videos and just watching other people’s! I definitely have a certain style that I lean towards and love watching vlog-style, fast-paced videos. I can’t sit and listen to someone’s thirteen-minute storytime, but vlogs are great because they have a fun mix of talking to the camera and b-roll shots (the ‘artsier’ style shots). Here are some of my favorite younger Youtubers!

Morgan Yates

Morgan has a really unique video style and is very open and honest, which I love. She’s a college senior and I love that I can relate to her just talking about going to class and general everyday life as opposed to some Youtubers who are constantly traveling back and forth. She has a way of making her normal life seem interesting.

She also has a vlog channel!

New Age Creators

The New Age Creators are a group of 5 Youtubers who are under SoulPancake (the company behind Kid President, run by Rainn Wilson of the Office). These are more art-style videos, with lots of stop motion and animation. Along with their separate channel, they post videos on SoulPancake as well. They’re very creative and expressive.

Monica Church

You may have heard of Monica Church by now. I feel like her channel is definitely on the rise. She’s one person that inspired me to start creating weekly vlogs (which I’m attempting for the busy month of February)! This is her main channel…

But I actually prefer her vlog channel! You can probably see some similarities between our channels if you look closely enough.

Damon and Jo

Damon and Jo are travel Youtubers. They’re known for their thrifty traveling and they make me feel like I need to just pack everything up and go for one weekend—just shut up and go. They also speak several different languages and make videos in different languages, so if you’re interested in that then you can watch their videos with the captions on. They seem so enthusiastic about life and their banter makes the videos funny as well.

Who are your favorite Youtubers?

xo, Hannah

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