Spring Style Trends for under $50

Today, I’m sharing a roundup of some of my favorite spring style trends for under $50! I hate reading style guides and seeing pieces advertised for “only under $100” when I consider that still too expensive, so I created this college-budget-friendly guide for the more trendy pieces in spring. I looked to Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar for reference—trust the experts! I tried to convert a lot of the high-fashion runway trends into pieces that would be more wearable on the daily.

Seaside stripes

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navy dress / two toned stripes / orange pullover / off the shoulder

These are forever a classic staple in my closet, but it never hurts to add more! Stripes—especially of the Breton variety—are incredibly versatile and can go from casual to professional so easily.

Cold shoulders

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black stripes / red halter / blue dress / red ruffles

A nod to the off-the-shoulder trend, but easier to wear. I’ve tried several off-the-shoulder tops on only to have them spring up the second I lift my arms even slightly, so I’d love to try out the cold-shoulder trend instead.

Sorbet shades


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pink // green // orange // yellow

Say goodbye to boring pastels and say hello to trendy new shades. The sorbet-inspired hues that hit the runway are a cool mix of neon and pastels, creating a perfectly bright blend that you’d find in your favorite limoncello. Punchy pink, cool green, mid-toned orange and bright yellows are ideal for getting out of your winter style rut.

Retro florals

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pink top // dress // black top // white top

Florals for spring are no longer groundbreaking, but retro florals are back in a nod to the 70s. You might end up with a piece that looks like the wallpaper in your mom’s bedroom growing up, but hey: what goes around comes around.

What’s your favorite spring fashion trend?

xo, Hannah

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