Friday Faves | 6.23.17.

It’s finally Friday! When I’ll be back in school, I won’t have Friday classes, which will make them so much sweeter. I never really appreciated the beauty of the weekend until I started working a full-time internship though!

Friday Faves | 6.23.17.

1) I shot this outfit this weekend, along with a few others, and they’ll be on the blog soon! I’m experimenting with different ways to edit my photos to fit the warm, summery look.

2) I just bought these new tennis shoes and I’ve been loving them for casual wear. I can’t find the exact pair I have (navy with white stripes) but this is the exact style!

3) Have you read my latest blog post? I’m planning on also turning my sorority recruitment posts on the blog into a Youtube series. (You can subscribe to me here!)

4) I’m super into hand-lettering ever since I started my graphic design program, and I’d love to learn this style of note-taking. This video explains it all in depth.

5) There’s going to be a solar eclipse on August 21st that’ll pass right through Kansas City and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing it! Does anyone have any tips for watching/photographing the eclipse?

xo, Hannah

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  1. I was just eyeing those Adidas shoes the other day! Our school is trademarked by Adidas so whenever I’m helping out at games I’ve got to wear all Adidas brands! I love the gray! Also, your yellow dress is so cute and summer, can’t wait for the full post!
    xo, Syd

    1. that’s exactly how I am- I work for the football department and we’re all adidas as well!

  2. In the education world working with English language learners, we call sketchnotes, dual coding. It’s a research proven strategy to help you remember and process new information!

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