Friday Faves | 8.10.17.

Happy Friday! Here’s a quick roundup of my week:

1: On Wednesday, I went to the Sporting KC Open Cup quarterfinal against the San Jose Earthquakes. My roommate Jordan and I went to the two qualifying rounds before the quarterfinal and we knew we had to go to every round they kept advancing in! For a little background, the US Open Cup is the oldest soccer tournament in US history. It ended in penalty kicks (after a double overtime) and was so exciting to watch! If you’re a soccer fan, this last save is a must-watch.

not my photo- taken from SKC’s twitter

2: I’ve been coming up with more video ideas for my Youtube channel. I recently posted this video with my tips for sorority recruitment, and it’s been doing so well considering my lack of subscribers! On that note…I would love if you subscribed to my channel to see more upcoming videos!

3: Speaking of sorority recruitment, that’s next week for my school! Instead of recruiting this year though, I’m working at my internship with my school’s football department. I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember (I attended my first game under the age of one…thanks Mom and Dad for instilling this in me so early!!) so it’s still kind of a surreal experience to be able to be working for the team that I love. I’m working during fall camp, which means I get to attend practices and take photos in the morning, then in the afternoon I help with graphics.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this, it’s definitely to be open when considering your future job! Last year I was pretty convinced that when I graduated, I’d want to be an art director at an agency last year, and now I’m feeling very passionate about working in sports. My major has allowed me so many opportunities so far and I’m excited to see what this year brings with my job, especially with football season coming up!

one of my many photos taken at practice..out of about 300 per day

4: I’m a bit late to the game here, but have you seen Macklemore’s latest music video? I’m loving the song and the message behind the video.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Hannah

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  1. Working for my schools football program would seriously be a dream job, I love sports and I love football and baseball. In high school I literally camped out on those fields spending endless hours photography and videotaping games, practices, and so forth to catch the best moments. I totally wish my majors was in that department to allow me to have such an awesome experience as you. That’s awesome that you are able to do that and I would love to see more of your football photos and work.

    1. thanks for the kind words megan!! I would definitely reach out to the communications or marketing department for athletics and see if they’re interested in taking on an intern, even a little bit of high school experience could be valuable to them! I’d love to share more of my work!

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