Magnolia Market Tips

Magnolia Market Tips | Hannah With a Camera

On my trip to Dallas, my family decided to go down to Waco, Texas to see the now-famous Magnolia Market. If you haven’t heard of Fixer Upper yet, the show is on HGTV–what are you waiting for? Joanna Gaines’ design style is to die for, Chip’s humor keeps the show entertaining, and the two of them are couple goals.

Magnolia Market Tips | Hannah With a Camera

We got to Magnolia Market on Monday morning and showed up around ten minutes before opening time. In summer, they’re open from 9am-6pm. There were a few people there waiting, but it wasn’t an issue at all to wait in a three-person line! I would definitely recommend going on a weekday, because I’ve heard the lines are insane on Saturdays (and they’re not open on Sunday). We got to go in right away and look around at all the gorgeous products, some of them designed by Joanna herself and some of them sourced from the same design style. You can see her influence on the way the whole store is staged.

If you’ve ever been on the Magnolia Market website, you’ll know that it’s reasonably priced for the repurposed style, but definitely not cheap. While all the things sold in the store are certainly beautiful, I wouldn’t necessarily say everything is original. There were several items I picked up that looked like something I’d find at Anthropologie or World Market–but there’s also the draw of being able to say that you got that item from the Magnolia Market. If you’re looking to buy something in particular, I’d search the website beforehand to check out all your options so you can seek it out in the store. By going on a weekday, it was no problem for my family to take our time and browse through everything, but I can see someone feeling rushed if they went at a particularly busy time.

Magnolia Market Tips | Hannah With a Camera

I loved the style of all of these signs and I might try to recreate the look for a gift soon, so keep your eyes out for a DIY post!

Outside the market, they have the iconic silos and a big lawn space for families to play games, along with all the extra space for the local food trucks that come. I would recommend eating at the food trucks instead of the Waco area..there’s not really a ‘downtown Waco.’ (Side note–if Steel City Pops is there when you are, it’s a must-try!) They have the Magnolia Seed and Supply garden shop in the works, but it wasn’t open yet when we were there. You can shop some of the items online though. They had these planters everywhere in the gardens and I love the repurposed look. Magnolia Market Tips | Hannah With a Camera

If you’re not into spending $$$ but still want that Magnolia Market souvenir, the t-shirts were reasonably priced and seem like they’re high quality. They also have cute mugs with the signature logo on it, as well as stickers with the seal over in Chip’s Demo Day section.

Magnolia Market Tips | Hannah With a Camera

Be sure you walk around the corner of the market to snap a picture with the logo wall! It’s on the opposite side of where you enter the market. Overall, my mom and I spent about an hour walking through the whole market and looking around at everything in the silo area, but I feel like we would have been able to spend another hour there once the Seed & Supply Shop and the Bakery were open.

After visiting the market, we went over to Harp Design Co, Clint and Kelly Harp’s shop. Clint is often featured on the show (and now has his own show on DIY Network!). Their shop was more my style with more colorful accents, but they do have some products that are similar to the Magnolia style. It’s open 10am-5pm Monday through Saturday at 808 N. 15th Street. This shop is definitely smaller than the market, so don’t expect to spend a whole hour here.

Lastly, we made a stop at the Magnolia House in McGregor, Texas, about twenty minutes away. The address is 323 S. Madison Avenue, 76657. (We thought it was in Waco, but it’s not the house with the blue striped awnings!) It’s booked through the rest of the year and always fills up within hours of the bookings being open again! We were lucky enough to meet Rob, who manages the property and lives in the carriage house behind the actual house. He was very friendly and we stayed to talk to him for around 10 minutes in hopes of getting a tour, but we lucked out. Here’s a FAQ on Magnolia’s website about staying at the house.

I’d love to answer any questions you have about the trip in the comments! Are you a Fixer Upper fan?

xo, Hannah

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