ELF Voxbox Review

I recently received the E.L.F. Voxbox courtesy of Influenster. I’m always interested in trying out new products and testing what works best for me, so Influenster’s program is awesome! They send you free products to review, sometimes in sample sizes and sometimes in full sizes. You can sign up with my referral link here. 

E.L.F. (eyes lips face) is a brand that I’ve been using for a few years now, once I started trying to test makeup but wanted to start out with the less expensive products. As far as drugstore products go, these are definitely on the less pricey end. The Voxbox included the Lip Exfoliator in Mint Maniac, the Matte Lip Color in Wine, the Mineral Infused Face Primer in Clear, the Baked Highlighter & Bronzer, and the Hydrating Bubble Mask. These are all full-sized products.

The lip exfoliator is a popular product that I’ve seen around some blogs, but I haven’t seen the mint flavor before. The packaging is really handy because it’s just in a lipstick bullet, so it doesn’t get everywhere. It reminds me of a sugar scrub more than anything and I love how easy it is to just swipe on in your normal skincare routine.

ELF’s lipsticks have always been one of my favorites and the matte lip color is no different! I’m not into dark, vampy colors and I thought this would be too dark, but it ended up being a really pretty shade that still looks more natural than anything. The wine color is more of a berry shade that leans more red than pink. I wish this shade was in lipstick form, because I don’t like having to fill in my lips like a crayon–but that’s just my personal preference.

The face primer is a product that’s fairly new to me. I don’t typically like to use face primers because I don’t like the silicone feeling on my face and this one was no different. However, I did find that my concealer and other face products stayed on my face longer than usual, so it does the job.

The baked highlighter and bronzer was my least favorite of the products. There was little to no pigmentation, and if there was, it was just straight-up glitter. I haven’t tried any of ELF’s bronzers before, but I did pick up their Illuminating Palette recently to try out highlighting and I like it so far. I’ve actually found that these work really well as eyeshadows too!



The hydrating bubble mask is totally new to me! I hadn’t heard of carbonated masks before receiving this product. I don’t have dry skin so I can’t say I’ve seen a difference in that, but it’s fun as a novelty kind of product. My skin feels less oily and tighter (not uncomfortably tight) after using the mask. It bubbles up after about five to ten minutes, then you can work it into a lather with a little water. It rinses off really easily.

What’s your favorite drugstore brand?

xo, Hannah

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Dear December 2016

Here’s my latest video recapping December! These are always so fun to make and I’d love to see anyone else’s similar videos. I’m trying to reach 20 subscribers by 2017 (small, I know, but significant to me) so I’d really appreciate if you subscribed!

I’m going to Boulder, Colorado on Friday and I’ll have another video after that. I’d love to hear recommendations of places to eat/where to go while I’m there!

xo, Hannah



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Dear November 2016

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to keep up with the trend of making monthly videos and I’m loving looking back at the little memories throughout the month. I think these will be cool to look back on to show my kids in the future too–if Youtube is even a thing then still.

I’m also planning on expanding into more video content, so subscribe to my channel and like the video for more to come!

Thanks for watching!

xo, Hannah

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Two College Apps Everyone Should Have

Two College Apps Everyone Should Have | Hannah With a Camera

Hi everyone! I haven’t done in a college post in a while, but I’ve just recently discovered two college apps that every student should have. Let me know if you’ve heard of Pocket Points or MyStudyLife before–I hadn’t!

Two College Apps Everyone Should Have | Hannah With a Camera


Pocket Points

College is expensive, and even if you’re not paying for your own education, you probably still have to pay for your own food. That’s why the app Pocket Points should be every college student’s new best friend.

Two College Apps Everyone Should Have | Hannah With a Camera

Whenever you’re on campus, all you have to do is turn on your phone’s GPS and not use your phone. I use this in class all the time and it definitely reduces the temptation to check your phone for new messages or scroll through social media. For every 25 minutes or so that you’re not using your phone, you get a point. These points then add up to be used as discounts around your town or online.

Two College Apps Everyone Should Have | Hannah With a Camera

Personally, I prefer the local discounts because there are so many options for food that actually have really good deals. A free appetizer or half off an entree never hurts! (I think I’ve gotten my last four half subs at Which Wich free because of this…) Look here to see if your school uses the app and you can get 10 free points by using the code vSS8M.

MyStudy Life

The second app that I just discovered is MyStudyLife. I use a planner more as a to-do list than anything, so if you’re the kind of person that needs to stay organized like me but can’t deal with paper, this is the app for you. This is essentially a digital planner made just for classes that makes organization so easy. (Bonus: It’s 100% free!)

Two College Apps Everyone Should Have | Hannah With a Camera

You can put it all your assignments, reminders, tests, etc at once and easily add notes to each task. I do wish that there was an option for sub-tasks because I have a lot of projects instead of individual assignments, but to fix that I just put every single small task as a separate one. You can track how far along you are by adjusting the percentage, which I find helpful when looking at my assignments for the week all at once. Seeing that I’m already 60% done and 30% done for two separate assignments makes me feel like it’s not just a massive workload sitting in front of me!

Two College Apps Everyone Should Have | Hannah With a Camera

What’s your favorite college app to use?

xo, Hannah

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Steal Her Style: Silk Scarf

After ‘redesigning’ the aesthetic of my Pinterest (I’m not ashamed, go check it out), I’ve become a lot more aware of my personal style. It’s classic, it’s preppy, and a little bit trendy too. When I found this photo (source unknown), I instantly fell in love. I’ve been wanting to try the silk scarf trend for a while now, but I haven’t found the perfect way to wear one. Looks like my inspiration is just below.

Steal Her Style

tee // scarf // miniskirt // tights

If you’re looking for more silk scarves, I’ve gathered up my favorites below:


Givenchy Vintage Linen ($20)


Geometric 1960s Scarf

preppy .jpg

Preppy Square Scarf 


1960s Echo Silk Scarf


Nautical Vintage Scarf

What’s your favorite version of the silk scarf trend?

xo, Hannah

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Back to the 90s

I’ll be honest, I was never really a true ’90s kid, given that I was born in 1997 and I’m the oldest sibling. I wasn’t high on fashion, either: I don’t think I owned a lot of Justice or Miss Me jeans. When the choker trend came back around, I kind of rolled my eyes and let it go, thinking it didn’t fit my style. But after going to Kansas City last weekend with friends to see Ben Rector in concert (highly recommend), I was swayed.


I tried the choker on in the store, already having had the gold necklace on, and was surprised at how good it actually looked! It definitely took some getting used to something so tight and close to my neck, but it didn’t feel weird by the end of the night. My friend told me that my look went from preppy to edgy just with this one statement piece…hey, I’ll take it!


You can’t see in this picture, but I’ve definitely hopped on the Adidas Superstar trend..I’ve been wearing the white leather sneakers almost every day since wearing them. They’re so much more comfortable than Converse.

Along with the choker, the second 90s trend I hopped back on was the button-front skirt. This red corduroy version is perfect for gamedays (honestly, if I didn’t religiously wear my jersey every Saturday, this would be my go-to gameday outfit.


choker (similar) // similar necklace // earrings  (similar) // shirt // skirt // shoes (similar)

photos by Jordan Cronan

What 90s trend have you been loving again?

xo, Hannah

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Dear October 2016

I can’t believe November is already here! This semester has gone by so quickly, but that means another monthly video to share with everyone. I love making little videos like this and plan on expanding into more video content in the future, so stay tuned!

xo, Hannah

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5 Ways to Improve Your Blog Design

5 ways to Improve Your Blog Design

Your blog content may be spectacular, but if your blog design is lacking, then I’m not going to keep reading. I’ll be honest: ever since I started my graphic design major, I’ve gotten way snobbier about strong vs weak design. (Sorry ’bout it.) But you don’t have to have a degree in design to have a strong website! Here are five ways to improve your blog design for the better.

5 ways to Improve Your Blog Design

Make sure your text is readable.

I know writing in lowercase is cute, but it’s hard to read and your audience will click away from your website fast. Similarly, your text should be left-aligned. It makes your blog just look that much more professional. Along with that, your font needs to be pretty plain. That’ll make your design look a lot cleaner.

A cohesive color scheme is key.

It’s tempting to change color schemes based on what’s trendy or the seasons changing. However, it becomes something to keep up with when your blog design is constantly changing and your audience will get confused when they see a new website every time they click. I created a color palette in my branding graphic that I made for myself, and I use those colors all throughout my blog design, without fail.

Limit your categories.

Eight categories should be the maximum amount that you have on your blog. If I see too many categories on the sidebar, it’s incredibly overwhelming and probably not necessary. Categories are only meant to help direct your reader to related posts and help drive traffic to your blog.

Chill with the fonts.

Only select two-three fonts to focus on. You should have a serif font, a sans serif font and a decorative font. A serif font has the little ‘tails’ off the end of each letter and is good for big blocks of text. A sans serif font is good for standing out and for titles (though these can be alternated if done right). A decorative font is optional, but can be used for titles and emphasizing certain words in a graphic. Definitely don’t use a decorative font for text longer than five-ish words though!

Simplicity is stronger.

This is the number one rule of blog design! I can’t stand seeing a blog with a tiled picture in the background, distracting me from the writing immediately. Your content needs to be the main focus, so stick to a white background (or shades of white/cream). Make sure your logo doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of little images or text pieces as well.

These tips are simple but easy changes to make that can make your design look so much better!

xo, Hannah

Bonus- if you missed the first code for 20% off of my stickers with Redbubble, you can use the code draw-hannahcbettis through November 1st for 20% off!

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Redbubble Discount Code

Hi everyone! Some of you may not know that along with running a blog, I have a side business on Redbubble selling stickers that I design. Through November 1st, you can get 20% off with the code draw-hannahcbettis at checkout (and if you order six or more stickers, you can get free shipping as well)!

I just added several new stickers to my college section that are definitely worth checking out. Here are some of my top sellers!



(available for most dog breeds)



(available for most colleges)

I used to have sorority stickers, but they all got removed for copyright. Now I just have the Greek letters in the same script font as the college ones so you can make your own pairings.

Let me know if you order any, I’d love to see my stickers on your stuff!

xo, Hannah

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Parabo Press is a Photographer’s Dream

I’ve been a photographer since I was about seven. Back then, my camera was a disposable Kodak and CVS was my printer of choice. I have scrapbooks filled with pictures from summer camp, holidays, etc.

I’ve always been the kind of person that likes to print my photos. Now that we live in a digital age, I realize the importance of printing photos and not just keeping them on my phone or my computer!

Parabo Press is my favorite printer I’ve found so far for high-quality prints. They were generous enough to let me test out some of their products. If you read to the bottom, you can find a coupon code for free prints!

Even though these came all the way from Mumbai, the shipping wasn’t expensive and they were packaged really well so that nothing was bent. Plus, the boxes are super cute!

Parabo Press | Hannah With a Camera

I got the classic square prints, their most popular product. I upgraded to the 5.5″ size and absolutely love them–the color definitely matches what’s on my screen and the matte finish is gorgeous. The paper is thick too, so it doesn’t bend or tear easily.


I used the Pon Pins to secure these to my closet door in my room. These pins are genius- they don’t poke a hole through your photos; instead, they have a round circle clip you just slide the photos into.


I also got their magnetic photo rope (another genius idea)! This comes with super-strong magnets and a rope to stick your photos to without ruining the photograph itself. It’s really long (58″) and I have it displayed by my bed for now, but I’m trying to figure out how to hang it on my wall.



You’ve probably noticed a theme of my dogs here…which is why I couldn’t resist trying out a more unique item, their Risograph prints. These are 11″ x 16″ and come in neon pink, blue, teal, or neon orange.


These prints are such a fun way to show off your photos. Hint: make sure your photo has higher contrast than normal when you print them. It makes a huge difference!


I absolutely love Parabo Press and all their printing options! They gave me a coupon code for my readers: HANSQ. If you’re a first-time customer, this gives you a free set of 25 Square Prints (the first ones pictured) and all you have to do is pay shipping. You can do it online or through the app they have!

Let me know if you try them out-I’d love to see what you print!

xo, Hannah

Thank you to Parabo Press for sponsoring this post.
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