Faceless Portrait

As a student in AP Art this year, I’m putting together a portfolio to be submitted. One of the categories required is a concentration. For my concentration, I chose the topic ‘faceless portrait’ based off the National Geographic Your Shot challenge. (Side note–if you’re a photographer interested in getting prompts to expand your horizons, Your Shot is an awesome place to check out.)


I had taken this photo last year of my cousins’ grandpa. To some this may just seem like a photograph of hands, but when I showed my family members, they immediately knew who it was without any analysis of details. The mannerism that he holds of dignity and relaxation is unique to him and I didn’t need his face to show that.


This photo is another one of my favorites, taken of my dad at the Nelson-Atkins Museum here in Kansas City. This is called Glass Labyrinth by Robert Morris. Watch the aerial video of the opening day, it’s super cool! The way the glass reflects and intersects often creates an interesting illusion and this created a sort of mirror effect–real on one side, ghostly on the other.


This photo was taken at a Sporting KC game of one of the fans in front of me. The way his hands are on his head and how his head is tilted back in frustration reminds me of something a coach or a father would do. While this position on an adult would be seen as typical, seeing on a child provides a humorous aspect.

This is possibly my favorite photo I’ve taken so far! I took it while serving food at a homeless shelter. What draws me to this photograph is how much you can tell about the people without seeing their expressions. You can tell that the man loves the little girl and that he’ll protect her. You don’t need a face to explain love.


These photos are all unedited and I plan to share more in the future. Photography is one of my greatest passions and I love expressing myself through it. That being said, I recently did an interview with one of my favorite photographers and I’ll share that on the blog soon!

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Inbox by Gmail Review

There is nothing I love more than Inbox by Gmail.

inbox by gmail

This app/website has become a lifesaver for me. I used to be drowning in emails, mainly promotions and etc, and when I would get an important email it’d be lost instantly.

Inbox by Gmail organizes your emails into bundles. I have a folders called Finances, Updates, Promotions, and Travel that are automatically sorted for me. I also have the ability to bundle emails myself. For example, I have a folder for any email from the University of Kansas. Any time I receive an email from admissions or another department, I click the option to bundle it into the KU folder and any future email from that sender will be automatically sorted. I also have a blogging folder for emails from Smart Girls Group and Her Campus Blogger Network.

Emails that aren’t bundled get sent to the main page of my inbox, which makes it easy to see the important things! The attached documents are also displayed as a small image. When I get my work calendar in an Excel spreadsheet, I can click on the attachment without even opening my email.

Inbox works kind of like a to-do list format. When I’m finished reading an email, I can either delete it or click the check mark to signify that I’m ‘done’ with the email, clearing it from my sight. Don’t worry-you can still see it later! All you have to do is search who the email is from.

Along with the done feature, there’s also an option to ‘pin’ the email. If it’s something you think you might forget but know it’s important, you can click the ‘pin’ button to bring it straight to the front of your inbox. You can also snooze an email. This gives you the option to set a date and time for your email to reappear and give you a reminder to read your email and reply. I don’t use this feature often, but it’s super helpful for when I do!

Currently the only way to get Inbox is to send an email to Google requesting an invite. However, since I already have Inbox, I have the ability to send invites to others! If this sounds like something you’d like to try out, just let me know by commenting below with your email. I’d love to show you how cool it is!

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Hammocking is a Verb

Let’s start off by saying: when 60 degree weather rolls around in early March, I’m going to take advantage of it.

IMG_5092 IMG_5094 IMG_5103 IMG_5106

Everything in this outfit is old from Old Navy (surprise) but these shoes are new! These driving moccasins are super comfortable. I wear a size nine normally and they fit just right. My mom has them in navy too and likes them just as much. She’s a kindergarten teacher and is on her feet all day, so when she finds a comfortable shoe, you know to take her advice.

If you like hammocking just as much as me you probably noticed my ENO in the background. I have a Doublenest and I think the size is perfect. They’re out of stock on the ENO website, but REI sells them too! I have the Slapstraps Pro with my hammock. My favorite thing about this is that I can string it up anywhere in record time. Without me in it, the hammock is at the height of my neck, so my neighbor taught me the best way ever to get into it…

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Same Necklace, Same Earrings, New Look

Remember this post featuring my pearl necklace and knot earrings? Yeah, they’re back. IMG_4861 IMG_4864 IMG_4866 In fact, this pairing is in constant rotation because it works perfectly with any outfit. Today my Spanish teacher commented on how “pearls dress up any outfit” and I completely agree!

IMG_4868 IMG_4869 IMG_4870If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter or basically know me at all, you know that I love my dogs to death. I make Rosie, my golden retriever-border collie shelter mix pose for anything that she’ll stay still for in pictures. She usually puts up with me and I like to think that she loves taking the pictures too…(she probably doesn’t)

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Personalize It Monogram Review and Giveaway

I’m so excited to share this post with you!IMG_4712 IMG_4714 One of my new favorite trends is monogramming. You can tell this from my desk, with my May Designs planner and monogrammed notepads. When I found Cassidy on Instagram, I instantly started thinking of ways we could collaborate. She sent me these three awesome monograms in white, pink, and navy!IMG_4719 She was super helpful and quick in getting the monograms to me. They’re printed on a high-quality vinyl that sticks really easily to any surface. I chose to put my navy monogram on my jar that I keep all my washi tape in, and I was surprised at how well it stuck even to the ridged surface. I peeled off the backing and made sure to smooth it down between each ridge so it didn’t have any bubbles after I applied it.IMG_4721 IMG_4723 IMG_4726 IMG_4731

I think this looks great and I can’t wait to put my pink and white monograms on other things!

Cassidy is awesome and is doing a giveaway with me for a three inch vinyl monogram in a solid color. She has an example here of the three inch monograms. This giveaway will run until March 19th, 2015!

Enter by clicking on the Rafflecopter link below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you order anything from Cassidy’s shop, use the code CAMERA for 15% off your order! This code expires April 1st.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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How to Stay Organized In High School

As a senior in my second semester of high school (two months and twenty-six days as of today!), I feel confident that I know how to stay organized and on track. On most days, that is. I’ve rounded up five tips here on what works for me!

How to Stay Organized in High School

Make to-do lists.

I use my Kate Spade agenda in the medium size with the Bella Bookshelf print every single day. When there’s five or ten minutes left in each class, I take it out and write down my assignments for that class. That serves as my to-do list for the night and I’ll write other small things to do as well, like write a post for the blog. I use the Any.do app on my Android, but I love using the web version as well! I organize my to-do list into three categories: School, Blog, and Personal. This app is great because you can assign a due date for each task, color code them, etc. You can share lists with other people and in the premium version you can collaborate with other people on lists, which could be handy for group projects.

Use the Pomodoro technique.

This has been a game-changer for me lately and I wish I would have discovered it sooner! This technique is a way of teaching yourself discipline when studying and encourages you to get things done more efficiently. This article on Lifehacker explains it more in detail, but it’s a simple tactic. You work for 25 minutes straight, then take a five minute break. After four sessions of working for 25 minutes, then you can take a longer break, usually between 15-30 minutes. I use the Tomato Timer to track my time. I used to have an app on my phone, but every time I went to start the next timer I’d get distracted by another notification, so this is a good alternative. I feel like this has increased my productivity by a ridiculous amount!

Live by your syllabus.

In the first week or so of school, most teachers will hand out a syllabus, or a list of due dates throughout the year. Some teachers do it for the quarter, or for the semester. When I get my syllabus, I write all my due dates for big projects, quizzes, and tests in my agenda. This helps me stay on top of studying in advance. It’d be helpful to write this out on a monthly desk calendar as well, but I currently use my calendar for scholarship due dates.

Teach the tricky topics.

If you’re having trouble with a certain topic, teach it to someone else! I usually ending up explaining the topic to my dogs because my family doesn’t want to listen about codominant and incomplete genetics, but hey, whatever works. Before our last final, my biology teacher had us split into groups and pick a topic that we were unsure on and then teach it to the class. Afterwards, I felt confident on the topic that we had taught. Teaching a topic requires you to know all the little details to answer questions and explain the general idea, so this one works for sure.

Talk to your teacher.

This one may seem obvious, but I can’t stress this enough! Sophomore year, I was in Honors Pre-Calculus and math has never been my strong suit. I would go in every morning before class and have my teacher work me through an example of a problem that I was having trouble with. Being able to break it down into smaller steps usually helps me understand. For math, I take an example and break it up into every tiny step and write the calculator commands or the written explanation of each step off to the side. This has helped me a ton. I’ve also found that if you go in and ask questions of your teacher, they usually tend to favor you more and will be friendlier in class.

If you’re in college, check out my updated post for more tips and tricks that you can also use for high school!

I hope you found these tips helpful! Thanks for reading!

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Home Sweet Home

Over my five day weekend this past week, I stayed inside most of the time due to the cold. That means I spent a lot of time on Pinterest, particularly following new people and boards. I spent a lot of time on my Home Sweet Home board, focusing on gorgeous bright homes with clean design.





You can follow me on Pinterest here! Leave a comment with a link to your Pinterest and I’d love to follow you.

Thanks for reading!
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Pottery Barn Teen Study Supplies

I’m a big fan of PB Teen in general, but I’m especially a fan of their study supplies. This post is a follow-up to my post on dorm items from PB Teen–you should read that after this!

Printed Desk Accessories

This desk accessory set in pool blue with white trim would be great for keeping my desk organized. Since I already have a busy bedspread, keeping things neutral on my desk is the way to go. The scalloped wire set would also add the perfect feminine touch.

Flip-Out Lap Desk

 After seeing this flip-out lap desk on Kate’s blog, I thought it was a great idea. I use lap desks when working at home and the ability to make it flip out is perfect. My posture is often slacking when I’m writing in bed and I slump like nobody’s business, but this would force me to sit up like I should!

Dry-Erase Calendar Decal

Getting organized in college is a must, so this dry-erase calendar decal would be perfect for staying on top of things. I love the amount of space to write whatever you want. If I had more space in the dorm, I’d opt towards the Peyton set in pool blue that comes with a dry-erase calendar, two pinboards, a caddy, and an open cube. When I was younger, I used to go on the PB Teen website and design my own systems. Any of these organization systems are perfect too for someone with a big amount of space!

penn task lamp

College will call for some late nights…of studying, of course. This Penn task lamp in pool, navy, or white would be so helpful for keeping me on track and awake.

Thanks for reading! If you love Pottery Barn Teen as much as I do, tell me in the comments your favorite product! Don’t forget to read the first part of my post here.

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Branding and Blog Design

I’ve only been an ‘official’ blogger for a few months, but I’ve learned the importance of branding already. A while ago I created an inspiration board for my blog on Pinterest, and from that I created this branding reference.

Branding inspiration for Hannah With a Camera.

The inspiration for my color scheme came straight from my room. Turquoise, coral, navy and grey are all throughout my room, from the light turquoise walls to the coral accents. A peek into my closet proves my love for these bright colors!

I wanted both a modern and a classic feel, and the fonts reflect this. Theano Didot is a classic font inspired by Vogue magazine’s bold lettering. Anyone with some knowledge of graphic design knows that serifs are best mixed with san serifs, so I picked Roboto Thin. These two fonts are great free fonts for any design.

The patterns I chose help influence the classic feel of my blog. Stripes and polka dots will always be in style. The gold, in my opinion, adds a stylish touch.

Keep an eye out for my next post with tips on creating a brand board for yourself!

Thanks for reading,

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Pottery Barn Teen Dorm Roundup

As a senior and soon-to-be college freshman, I’ve already started planning for my dorm room. I’ll be living in a suite, but my current task is focused on the smaller room I’ll share with one of my closest friends. I’ve been a fan of Pottery Barn Teen for forever and it was my first place to look!

bedding peyton

I got the Peyton Duvet for my bed.


My roommate got the Ikat Medallion for hers.


These lattice pillow covers are adorable! The grey or the pink would be my pick to complement the navy.


I’m going to be rushing for a sorority at my college, so one of these monogrammed Greek letter pillows in the pink or turquoise polka dot would be perfect to represent my letters.


Once it gets cold–and it definitely can get freezing in Kansas–a blanket will be my first choice to keep me warm at night. And let’s face it, the throw in pool blue will most likely be accompanying my shoulders when I’m in the dorm no matter what time of day. Can you see a color scheme forming yet? 😉

rolling cart

Because the dorms are small, I’m going to have to store things up on top of each other. This rolling cart in the mini dot pool would be great for storing shoes, out-of-season jackets, and other items that just need to be kept out of clutter.

monogram decal

This monogram decal in navy would be great to personalize the dorm just a little bit more and make it feel more like a home.

Pottery Barn Teen has a great selection of items for any dorm. This was not sponsored by them, but I clearly love their products! Stay tuned for what’s next to come in this series: desk and study supplies from PB Teen.

Thanks for reading!

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