Preppy College Dorm Room Tour

I’ve been meaning to do this post since August when I first moved in, but I’ve never had a room this clean since the initial move in! Honestly, the only reason there isn’t a bag thrown on the floor or a sock somewhere in these photos is because my mom came up this past weekend for Mom’s Weekend with my sorority. So while my room might look somewhat like #goals currently, it’s definitely not that way all the time!

Dorm Room Tour | Hannah With A Camera

I have the Peyton bedding in Royal Navy from Pottery Barn Teen and I absolutely love it. (It’s on sale in the pink and light pool colors!)  My all-time favorite color scheme involves some variation of coral, turquoise, and navy, so this was a perfect way to combine them. I also have a long body pillow in coral (on the left). My roommate Jordan and I are in the same sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, so we hung our flag from bid day up over the window.

Dorm Room Tour | Hannah With A Camera

I have this strand of photo clips from Urban Outfitters that’s been great for hanging photos without sticking holes in the wall. Before college, I printed out a ton of photos from Mpix and I definitely recommend using them for printing photos! The tea towel of Lawrence is from Tammy Smith Design–it came in a print version too,  but I like having the bigger size of the tea towel to hang for decoration. She has a ton of cute drawings of other cities as well and if you’re from a big city area, that’d be a great way to have a little piece of home in your dorm.

Dorm Room Tour | Hannah With A Camera

I used washi tape to put up the photos on my wall and the majority of them have stayed up since August. The two canvases on the left are from my friend Abby (top) and my big diamond sister Mackenzie (bottom). I painted the ‘h’ canvas myself. In the space under the canvases on the left, I had a Hogwarts travel poster (this one is similar), but it fell from the command strip recently for some reason! On my desk I have a lamp with two outlets on it (which has definitely come in handy), my alarm clock, a couple decorations, and a plastic organizer from Target with 3 drawers to hold my jewelry.

Dorm Room Tour | Hannah With A Camera

Dorm Room Tour | Hannah With A Camera

Under my bed I have a butterfly chair, another organizer with 3 drawers to hold some random craft stuff, my dresser (provided by my dorm), and some more boxes on top to hold random things that don’t have a specific category to them. I also have a shoe hanging organizer to hold random things like command strips and nail polish.

The majority of these have come in handy, but I definitely didn’t need it all. Keep an eye out for an updated post of my college dorm essentials!

Thanks for reading!

xo Hannah

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Pottery Barn Teen Study Supplies

I’m a big fan of PB Teen in general, but I’m especially a fan of their study supplies. This post is a follow-up to my post on dorm items from PB Teen–you should read that after this!

Printed Desk Accessories

This desk accessory set in pool blue with white trim would be great for keeping my desk organized. Since I already have a busy bedspread, keeping things neutral on my desk is the way to go. The scalloped wire set would also add the perfect feminine touch.

Flip-Out Lap Desk

 After seeing this flip-out lap desk on Kate’s blog, I thought it was a great idea. I use lap desks when working at home and the ability to make it flip out is perfect. My posture is often slacking when I’m writing in bed and I slump like nobody’s business, but this would force me to sit up like I should!

Dry-Erase Calendar Decal

Getting organized in college is a must, so this dry-erase calendar decal would be perfect for staying on top of things. I love the amount of space to write whatever you want. If I had more space in the dorm, I’d opt towards the Peyton set in pool blue that comes with a dry-erase calendar, two pinboards, a caddy, and an open cube. When I was younger, I used to go on the PB Teen website and design my own systems. Any of these organization systems are perfect too for someone with a big amount of space!

penn task lamp

College will call for some late nights…of studying, of course. This Penn task lamp in pool, navy, or white would be so helpful for keeping me on track and awake.

Thanks for reading! If you love Pottery Barn Teen as much as I do, tell me in the comments your favorite product! Don’t forget to read the first part of my post here.

navy monogram

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Pottery Barn Teen Dorm Roundup

As a senior and soon-to-be college freshman, I’ve already started planning for my dorm room. I’ll be living in a suite, but my current task is focused on the smaller room I’ll share with one of my closest friends. I’ve been a fan of Pottery Barn Teen for forever and it was my first place to look!

bedding peyton

I got the Peyton Duvet for my bed.


My roommate got the Ikat Medallion for hers.


These lattice pillow covers are adorable! The grey or the pink would be my pick to complement the navy.


I’m going to be rushing for a sorority at my college, so one of these monogrammed Greek letter pillows in the pink or turquoise polka dot would be perfect to represent my letters.


Once it gets cold–and it definitely can get freezing in Kansas–a blanket will be my first choice to keep me warm at night. And let’s face it, the throw in pool blue will most likely be accompanying my shoulders when I’m in the dorm no matter what time of day. Can you see a color scheme forming yet? 😉

rolling cart

Because the dorms are small, I’m going to have to store things up on top of each other. This rolling cart in the mini dot pool would be great for storing shoes, out-of-season jackets, and other items that just need to be kept out of clutter.

monogram decal

This monogram decal in navy would be great to personalize the dorm just a little bit more and make it feel more like a home.

Pottery Barn Teen has a great selection of items for any dorm. This was not sponsored by them, but I clearly love their products! Stay tuned for what’s next to come in this series: desk and study supplies from PB Teen.

Thanks for reading!

navy monogram

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