2016, year of grateful


adjective grate·ful ˈgrāt-fəl

feeling or showing thanks : feeling or showing thanks to someone for some helpful act

As I’m a little over 2 weeks into the new year, I’ve thought of several different resolutions that I could take up, or ways I could make 2016 the “best year yet.” I’ve decided that labeling 2016 as the year of grateful is a good way to do that. In 2015, and several previous years, I’ve always just gone through life not really acknowledging all that I have and all that I’m blessed with. I haven’t recognized how great the opportunities are that I’ve had and will have, and now’s the time to be grateful, to say thank you.

I found this comic below through Facebook originally and instantly related to it. I know I’m definitely the ‘sorry’ type of person and I tend to apologize for things that don’t need a real apology, just a thank you instead.

While it could also be seen as a resolution, I plan on trying to journal my thoughts each night and evaluate my gratefulness. Even if I feel like I have an awful day, there’s probably a friend in there that simply took the time to say hi to me, or a great meal at ADPi, or a good grade that can let me go to sleep a happier person.

xo Hannah

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