Peyton Perry | Inside the Insta

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share this edition of Inside the Insta with Peyton Perry today. I’ve followed Peyton for about two years now and still love her style—I think we could easily be friends in real life. If you look at my Inspiration board on Pinterest, it’s practically filled to the brim with her photos!

Peyton Perry | Inside the Insta


What do you take your photos with?
I shoot with my iPhone 6 or Canon EOS 6D.

I love your photo style! How do you edit the photos that go on your feed?
I’ve used various apps including Afterlight, VSCOcam, Snapseed, and A Color Story. Lately I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom Mobile—it’s amazing!

What’s your favorite thing about Instagram?
I love how Instagram allows me to see the world through infinite different lenses. I see how others interpret things, express themselves, and are often working to make the world a more artful place.

What do you center your photos around?
I try to center my photos around things I really love that can show the rest of the world how my brain works. I think, “What can Peyton Perry offer to the world today?” then I keep my eyes open and see what the world has to offer!

What three words would you use to describe your style on Instagram?
Clean, fun, unexpected.

Who are three people on Instagram that you admire?
@designlovefest: I loved Bri Emery’s style for…forever! I love how she’s taken Instagram and made it her own.

@geronimoballoons: Jihan is someone I got to meet and become friends with because of Instagram. She really views the platform as an opportunity to share art, make you laugh, and help you feel less alone. I think we can all relate to a few #jihanistheworst-isms. I truly think Jihan is one of the most talented, creative, and kind geniuses of our generation.

@ohhappyday: Jordan Ferney GETS IT. When others zig, she zags…just because that’s who she is! I love seeing what she creates and all the inventive photos she shares from her party shop.

Where do you find your inspiration to take photos?
I think my inspiration comes from where I see good in the world. Good doesn’t mean happy and fluffy all the time, sometimes it means honesty. I try to keep my eyes open, constantly looking and my ears constantly listening. You can find good anywhere if you’re looking with the right mindset. I also love “cool hunting.” I’m inspired by things that aren’t right in front of your face—things you have to search for.

How long do you usually take to set up a photo?
I give myself a mental time limit and if I’m spending too much time on a photo, I abandon it. It is INSTAgram, after all. The time I spend on a photo varies but I’m always very meticulous with checking that it’s exaaactly what I want before I post it. I’d say I spend a collective total of 15 minutes max on a photo.

Would you say you stick to a certain color scheme for your photos?
I’ve always stuck to bright and colorful because that’s what I know and love. I think it’s because I grew up in a city where color is celebrated in its culture. Lately I’ve been on a pink kick. By searching for pink to include in every photo, it has established a signature I love. It not only forces me to be creative, but it raises the bar for my work.

Square crop or full size, and why?
Depends on the photo, always. I do love how you can post full size (especially the beautiful look of full size portraits) but squares are another creative restraint that forces me to be creative amongst certain parameters.

If you’re not following Peyton already, be sure to swing over to her Instagram and give her a follow for constant creative inspiration!

Who should I feature next on Inside the Insta?

xo, Hannah

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